Sunday School Classes


Below is a list of all the available Adult Sunday school classes. If you have any questions regarding any of the classes please feel free to contact us today!

Men's Bible Class

Men who share an interest in the serious study of faith.

Room 108 (FC)


Ladies' Bible Class

A mixture of lecture and class discussion.

Room 114 (FC)


Senior Seekers Class

Couples and singles, age 65 and up with mixture of lecture and class discussion.

Room 113 (FC)

New Wesley Fellowship

Bible Study related to our daily lives. Middle aged adults.

Loft (FC)

Searching &  Sharing (40+)

Middle aged adults class studying a wide range of topics promoting discussion and sharing.

Room 210 (Ed.)

Pew Sisters

A new class directed toward ladies hot topics.

Room 211 (Ed.)


Discovery Class (25-50)

A great class where age doesn't matter.  Studies include various book by authors including John Maxwell and Max Lucado

Room 201 (Ed.)


"Yet to Be Named" Class

Adult class using various study materials. Class ends by 10:30am to enable worship leaders/choir to receive an entire lesson. 

Room 112 (FC)


College & Careers Class

Great class for college age and young adults. Particular studies vary.

Room 211 (Ed.)

Children's Sunday School


Bible lessons through stories, games, arts & crafts, singing, role play and prayer.

2nd through 5th Grade Class 

Room 204 (Ed.)


Kindergarten and 1st Grade Class 

Room 206 (Ed.)


Pre-School (4 year olds) 

Room 108 (Ed.)


Nursery  (8 week through 3 year olds)

Room 109 (Ed.)

Youth Sunday School


Teens thinking critically & living faithfully as Christians in today’s world.


  6th - 12th Grade

The Zone (Basement)


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