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The Music Department at St. John’s United Methodist Church helps people make a joyful noise in the worship of our great God. There is a place in God’s house for you to open up and worship through music no matter what level of “musicality” you feel you have or don’t have.

The Music Makers and The Noteables rehearsals delayed until further notice.

Please watch back here for updates.

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Sept. 5

Beautiful Savior

Chancel Choir

Sept. 12

Prayer of Being

Chancel Choir

Sept. 19

Sweet By and By

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Sept. 26

Blessed be the One

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Every month we will look at the story behind one of our anthems or hymns or we will learn about a composer/lyricist who provided us with and anthem or hymn from the month. This will give us the opportunity to learn more about what we are singing, listening to, or the people behind the musical gift.

David John Lantz III

DAVID JOHN LANTZ III (b. 1956) is an active composer and arranger. In 1978, Lantz received his bachelor's from Susquehanna University in music education. He has been employed in that capacity for the past 17 years at Stroudsburg High School in Pennsylvania, where he has been a choral director and teacher of music theory, composition, voice, and piano.

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 In 2002, Lantz received his Master's Degree in Music Composition from West Chester University. He is a prolific composer of sacred and secular choral music, with approximately five hundred published compositions with many major publishers across the United States. He has also written pieces for symphonic band, orchestra, jazz ensemble, piano, and chamber ensemble. In addition, he is also an accomplished music editor and engraver, and church choir director.

David Lantz has played the electric and upright bass in various music groups for the past 33 years. Currently, he plays jazz in diverse venues with his son.

He resides in northeastern Pennsylvania with his wife, composer Marti Lunn Lantz, and is the father of five musical children.

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