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Music Department

The Music Department at St. John’s United Methodist Church helps people make a joyful noise in the worship of our great God. There is a place in God’s house for you to open up and worship through music no matter what level of “musicality” you feel you have or don’t have.

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Feb. 6

Feb. 13

Together We Remember

Peace to the World

Chancel Choir

Chancel Choir

Feb. 20

In God's Hands

The Music Makers

Feb. 27

How Great Thou Art

Chancel Choir





Stories and 


Every month we will look at the story behind one of our anthems or hymns or we will learn about a composer/lyricist who provided us with and anthem or hymn from the month. This will give us the opportunity to learn more about what we are singing, listening to, or the people behind the musical gift.

Dr. Dan Forrest

Dr. Dan Forrest (b. 1978) has been described as having “an undoubted gift for writing beautiful music . . . that is truly magical” (NY Concert Review). Dan’s music spans a wide spectrum of genres and difficulty, ranging from extended major works for chorus and orchestra and significant concert choral repertoire to more accessible works for church and community choirs, as well as instrumental works ranging from wind ensemble pieces to solo instrumental sonatas.


Dr. Forrest’s work has become well established in the choral repertoire in the U.S. and around the world, and has received numerous awards and distinctions.

Dr. Forrest spends significant time mentoring and supporting other composers through his position as chair of the national ACDA composition Initiatives Committee (2020-2024), his ongoing oversight and teaching with the annual John Ness Beck Foundation Choral Composer’s Workshop and Scholarships, and his intensive editing work at Beckenhorst Publishing Company. Dan also serves as Artist-in-Residence at his home church, Mitchell Road Presbyterian (PCA) in Greenville, SC.

Dan holds a doctorate in composition from the University of Kansas and a master’s degree in piano performance, and is a Fellow of Melodious Accord.

Please contact the church office at

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