Q&A - SJUMC Online Giving

How will the Access ACS process work for you?
  • Guests who are not currently in our database can also contribute to St John's UMC but will need to submit their information through Access ACS to create an account.

  • In order to log into Access ACS, the church must have an e-mail address for you on file. Your first name, last name, suffix (Jr., Sr., III), and email address must match what is on file, or you will not be allowed to create your log-in. For example, if you aren’t sure whether we have you listed as William or Bill, just call the church office to find out.
    You must register as a new user the first time. Underneath the blue box, you’ll see “Need a login? Click Here” and you’ll click on that link.

  • The next screen is the Account Sign Up. You’ll type in your e-mail address, First Name, Last Name and Suffix, click “find me”.
    If your information matches, you will get a message indicating you have successfully set up a member account. A user name and password will be e-mailed to the e-mail address that is on file for you.

  • You will need to remember your user name but don’t worry about trying to memorize the obscure password ACS provides. You will be required to change it the first time you log in.

Creating a Strong Password

The first time you sign on with your new username and password, you will be immediately prompted to create a new password. Here are some suggestions for creating a strong password:

  • It should not contain your username or email address

  • It should not contain any of these characters: < & > / ; % [space] ‘ or “

  • It should contain two or more numbers

  • It should contain both lower and uppercase letters

  • It should be over eight (8) characters long


You may click the buttons above to login, or bookmark the new page that opens from those links to go directly to Access ACS for St John's when desired.

More Questions & Answers

Q. How do I get started?

A. Click on Give Now. The login screen will display. Create a login account. Under the “Sign In” screen, it reads “Need a Login?” Click here.


Q. Why do I have to create an account?

A. Setting up an account and password allows you to enter a highly secure environment for your transaction. Once your account and password are established, all of your personal information including credit card information is safe and protected.

  • Create an account by using the email address St John's has on file. Once you enter your email address, the system will generate for you a user ID and a password which you may customize.

  • If you have not submitted an email address, it is always possible to register as a Guest. Guests may register and pay for events, and they may make online contributions; however they do not have access to all the member features.

  • To submit your email address to the church office, click here.


Q. Why do you need my email address?

A. As part of our security measures, an email address is needed to verify your information. It will also be helpful to us to contact you if there is a question. Email addresses will not be sold or leased to third parties.


Q. Is it secure?

A. Our software provider, ACS Technologies, is the largest developer of church management software in the industry. In conjunction with our bank, we have provided a secure data source to process payments and are subject to periodic security audits to ensure safety and privacy of your data.


Q. Are there any fees involved with giving online?

A. No. You will not pay any fees with an online gift. However, there are some administrative costs to the church associated with processing credit card transactions. You select the dollar amount for your gift. That is the dollar amount that will be recognized as your donation.


Q. What credit cards are accepted?

A. We can process MasterCard, Visa & Discover.


Q. Can I try this by giving one time?

A. Yes, you can enter the amount of the contribution and designate which fund your donation is intended.


Q. Can I designate my gift to a particular fund?

A. Yes, you can choose from the drop down list which fund you would like to contribute. The default for the General Fund is "Env/Pledges/Tithes" but others will be added.


Q. Can I review my donation history online?

A. Yes, the site will allow you to view the history of your online contributions as well as any other donations after you have created an account.


Q. Will I still receive a regular year-end contribution statement from the church?

A. Yes, St John's United Methodist Church will continue to mail contributions for your tax purposes.

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