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About Us

A Letter


Pastor Karen 

Welcome to St. John’s United Methodist Church located in historic downtown Fort Mill.  St. John’s Methodist was established in 1875.  In 1968, St. John’s became The United Methodist Church when the Evangelical United Brethren Church and The Methodist Church merged. 


Over the past few years Fort Mill has seen tremendous growth in our community, and St. John’s has tried to be responsive to those changes.  Currently, we are reaching out to people in our community that are looking for a personal relationship with the living Christ. 


St. John’s invites you to join us for worship, discipleship, missions, and fellowship.


I pray that you will consider St. John’s United Methodist Church as a place where you can connect as a follower of Jesus Christ.



Grace and peace to you,

The Reverend Karen H. Radcliffe

Senior Pastor

Our History

The United Methodist Church was founded on the ideas of Anglican evangelist, John Wesley. Born in Epworth, England, John's education and family life was steeped in ministry and service in Christ. After attending Oxford University, John began to serve the church with his father in Epworth and Wroot, eventually becoming a priest in the Anglican Church in 1728. John joined his brother, Charles, and some friends at Oxford the next year in creating a religious study group that


St. John's United Methodist has a deeply rooted history within the Fort Mill community. Our church was established in 1872 by 74 members, and since then, our church has worked diligently to share the love of Christ. The year 2022 will mark St. John’s 150th year of service to the people in the Fort Mill area.Established by 74 members of Philadelphia Methodist Church in 1872, these members were the builders who laid the foundation for the church we have today. 

Now St. John's has a growing congregation active in Scouting, Kairos Ministry, Red Cross, our Wee School Ministry, the Fort Mill Care Center, Bethel Men’s Center, and many other community involvements. Dream with us about what we will be doing in the next hundred years. The best is yet to be.


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